Meetings, conferences, activities and events according to the terminologie and the numbers of the Math-GAMES-application (MG) and other dissemination meetings and conferences, in which members of Math-GAMES took part

M1 (First Transnational Project Meeting (Kick Off Meeting)): 24./25.10.2015 in Schrobenhausen/Germany

MG 1st meeting Germany Invitation.doc 08.10.2015

MG 1st Meeting Germany Agenda.docx 08.10.2015

MG 1st Meeting Germany Evaluation Report.pdf 03.01.2016

M2 (Second Transnational Project Meeting): 27./28.02.2016 in Messini/Kalamata/Greece

MG 2nd Meeting Greece Invitation.docx 16.11.2015

MG 2nd Meeting Greece Agenda.docx 19.02.2016

MG 2nd Meeting Greece Evaluation Report.pdf 10.03.2016

EuroMATH Conference in Thessaloniki: 30.03. - 02.04.2016


Math-GAMES day in Italy (Istituto Copmprensivo Cena, Cerveteri): 24.05.2016


Report by the internal evaluation group

Monitoring Meeting of the German National Agency BIBB in Bonn: 16.06.2016

Photo 1: MG monitoring meeting in Bonn.JPG

Photo 2: MG monitoring meeting in Bonn 2.JPG

MG Programm Monitoring in Bonn.pdf

M3 (Third Transnational Project Meeting): 18./19.06.2016 in Bucharest/Romania

MG 3rd Meeting Romania Invitation.doc 08.03.2016

MG 3rd Meeting Romania Agenda.docx 04.06.2016

MG 3rd Meeting Romania Evaluation Report.pdf  26.06.2016

Math-GAMES Activity in Spain (Education Center for Adults FPA, Beniassent): 06.07.2016


Math-GAMES Activity by Agentur Kultur (Epale Conference in Aachen, Germany): 08.09.2016


M4 (Fourth Transnational Project Meeting): 19./20.11.2016 in Paris/France

MG 4th Meeting France Agenda.docx 06.10.2016

MG 4th Meeting France Invitation.doc 06.10.2016

MG 4th Meeting France Evaluation Report.pdf  25.11.2016

Math-GAMES Activity in Spain (Education Center for Adults FPA, Beniassent) - Evaluation Report

Report Math-GAMES at FPA Beniassent.pdf   12.01.2017

M5 (Fifth Transnational Project Meeting): 21./22.01.2017 in Cerveteri/Roma/Italy

MG 5th Meeting Italy Agenda.docx 07.12.2016

MG 5th Meeting Italy Invitation.doc 07.12.2016

MG 5th Meeting Italy Evaluation Report.pdf  27.01.2017

Fotobericht der Regionalkonferenz Hamm am 03.03.2017

Regionalkonferenz NRW „Grundbildung im digitalen Wandel“ am 03. März 2017 in Hamm

M6 (Sixth Transnational Project Meeting): 25./26.03.2017 in Cocentaina/Spain 

MG 6th Meeting Spain Invitation.pdf  30.01.2017

MG 6th Meeting Spain Agenda.pdf 30.01.2017

MG 6th Meeting Spain Evaluation Report.pdf  31.03.2017

Article and radio report from the meeting in Cocentaina (in Spanish)

EuroMATH Conference in Bucharest: 29.03. - 02.04.2017


Evaluation Conference of Agentur-Kultur, Munich, Germany, 16.05.2017

Evaluation Conference Report

M7 (Seventh Transnational Project Meeting): 20th to 22nd of October 2017 in Sofia/Bulgaria

MG 7th Meeting Bulgaria Invitation.pdf

MG 7th Meeting Bulgaria Evaluation Report.pdf  27.10.2017

E3.1 (Multiplier Event 3.1): Math-GAMES Dissemination Conference: 14.06.2017 in Buchenried bei Starnberg/Germany

Programm der Disseminations-Konferenz

E3.2 (Multiplier Event 3.2): Math-GAMES Dissemination Conference: 15.09.2017 in Munich/Germany

Announcement of the Dissemination Conference in Munich

E3.3 (Multiplier Event 3.3): Math-GAMES Dissemination Conference: 07.12.2017 in Munich/Germany

Announcement of the Dissemination Workshop in Munich

Grundbildung im bvv am 7.12.2017 in München

E3.4 (Multiplier Event 3.4): Math-GAMES Dissemination Conference: Monday, 22.01.2018 in Hannover/Germany

Programm der Disseminations-Konferenz in Hannover

E3.5 (Multiplier Event 3.5): Math-GAMES Dissemination Conference: Wednesday, 17.05.2018 in Munich, Germany

Photo-Report of the Dissemination Conference

E4 (Multiplier Event 4): Math-GAMES Dissemination Conference: 01.09.2017 - 31.12.2017 in Italy

E4 Report in Italy.pdf

E4 Other games presentation in IT.pdf

E5 (Multiplier Event 5): Math-GAMES Dissemination Conference: 07.11.2017 in Spain

E5 (Multiplier Event 5): Report with Photos about the Dissemination Conference 17.11.2017 in Cocentaina/Spain

External link to the Photo-Report (85 pictures)

E7 (Multiplier Event 7): Math-GAMES Dissemination Conference: 01.09.2017 - 31.12.2017 in France

E7 (Multiplier Event 7): Report with Photos about the Dissemination Conference 07.11.2017 in Paris/France

E8 (Multiplier Event 8): Math-GAMES Dissemination Conference: 06.11.2017 in RomaniaE8 (Multiplier Event 8): Press article written by Daniela Cojocea in the newspaper "Ziua de Constanta" about the Dissemination Conference

E8 (Multiplier Event 8): Translation of the Press article written by Daniela Cojocea in the newspaper "Ziua de Constanta" about the Dissemination Conference

E8 (Multiplier Event 8): Report with Photos about the Dissemination Conference 04.11.2017 in Constanta/Romania

E9 (Multipler Event 9): Math-GAMES Dissemination Conference: 21.02.2018 in Greece



E10 (Multipler Event 10): Math-GAMES Dissemination Conference: 03./04.10.2017 in Bulgaria

E10 (Multiplier Event 10): Report about the Math-GAMES Dissemination Conference: 03.10. and 04.10.2017 in Bulgaria

E10 (Multiplier Event 10): Presentation about the Math-GAMES Dissemination Conference: 03.10. and 04.10.2017 in Bulgaria

EuroMATH Conference in Cracow: 07.03. - 11.03.2018


Regionalkonferenz zur Grundbildung in Bayern am 21.03.2018

Fotobericht der Regionalkonferenz Bayern in München am 21.03.2018

Regionalkonferenz Bayern „Perspektiven für mehr Participation“ am 21.03.2018 im VHS-Haus München

Leo-Studie (Externer Link)

leo-presseheft in Deutsch

leo-presseheft in English

M8 (Eights Transnational Project Meeting): 23rd to 25th of March 2018 in Larnaca/Cyprus

M8 (Eighth Transnational Project Meeting): 24.03.2018 in Nicosia/Cyprus

MG 8th Meeting in Larnaca Evaluation Report.pdf  02.04.2018

C1 Piloting and Evaluating of the Math-GAMES Teacher Training Course: 24.03. to 28.03.2018 in Larnaca/Cyprus

C1 (International learning/teaching/training activity): Piloting and Evaluating of the Math-GAMES Teacher Training Course: 24.03. to 28.03.2018 in Nicosia/Cyprus

Foto-Report of the C1 Pilot-Course in Larnaca  02.04.3018

E1 (Multipler Event 1): Math-GAMES International Seminar: 29.03.2018 in Nicosia/Cyprus

E1 (Multiplier Event 1): Math-GAMES International Seminar: 29.03.2018 in Nicosia/Cyprus

Foto-Report of the E1 Seminar in Nicosia  02.04.3018

E2 (Multipler Event 2): Math-GAMES International Dissemination Conference: 29.03.2018 in Nicosia/Cyprus

E2 (Multiplier Event 2): Math-GAMES International Conference: 29.03.2018 in Nicosia/Cyprus

Foto-Report of the E2 Dissemination Conference in Nicosia  02.04.3018

M9 (Nineth and last Transnational Project Meeting): 17.05 to 20.05.2018 in Munich/Germany

MG 9th Meeting Germany Invitation.pdf  02.01.2018

MG 9th Meeting Germany Report.pdf  04.06.2018

Special used materials of the meetings in Cyprus

1.3 Damath lesson plan.pptx

1.3 Damath score sheet.pdf

1.3 Damath.pptx

1.4 Tangram.pptx

1.5 Sea Battle.pptx

1.7 simple dice games.pptx

10.3 Sudoku-Handout.pdf

10.3 SUDOKU Lesson Plan.pdf

10.3 Sudoku.pdf

3.2 MathScrabble.docx

3.2 Scrabble Monopoly.docx

3.2 The Game MathScrabble.pptx

6.3 Calculator Hopscotch lesson plan.pptx

7.3 Steel the pile.ppt

9.3 NIM-Game.pptx

9.3 NIM_lesson.pptx

Agenda of the meetings E1 E2 29.03.2018.docx

Math Games by Nicoletta Ioannou.pptx

All about EPALE Nicoletta Ioannou.mp4

BG Interior for a Fun Classroom in Mathematics.pdf

BG Interior for a Fun Classroom in Mathematics.pptx

Lesson Plan by Laura Timpano.pptx

Lesson Plan Template by Laura Timpano.docx

Using Games in Learning Math by Valcho Milchev.pptx

The Math-Games-Methodology by Andreas Skotinos.pptx